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Expertly Crafted Destruction

We work hard to know the exact point when parts fail, so we can understand how to make them survive. Our nationally recognized subject matter experts produce unparalleled state-of-the-art solutions with the freedom and agility of a small business.

Electronics Hardened

to withstand massive levels of ionizing radiation.

Space Environments Simulated

to characterize in-flight radiation effects.

Focal Planes Characterized

with 1TB of data collected for each full test suite.


Principal Systems Engineer

When you need high quality test data, go to Fifth Gait – they are the Bentley of test houses.

Radiation Effects Engineer

I was extremely pleased with the Fifth Gait team’s ability to meet our extremely aggressive schedule.

Senior Principal Systems Engineer

Fifth Gait has been our specialty-engineering go-to source for a number of programs over the years. Their radiation professionals are second-to-none and provide excellent first-principle science and engineering assistance.

Awards & Certifications

Raytheon Supplier Excellence Epic Award

Awarded by Raytheon to companies for excellence in performance, innovation, and collaboration.

Department of Defense Nunn Perry Award

Award for outstanding performance as participants in the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP). The Nunn-Perry Awards honor mentor-protégé teams (i.e., Raytheon and Fifth Gait) that have excelled in the areas of technical assistance, return on investment, quality and protégé development.

AS9100-D Certified

According to the international Certified Aerospace Quality Management System for use by aviation, space, and defense organizations, AS9100-D certification ensures the production of safe and reliable assurances in design, development, production, and service.

NIST Compliant

NIST compliance requires fulfilling a set of standards for recommended security controls for information systems at federal agencies. These standards are endorsed by the government, and companies comply with NIST standards because they encompass security best practices controls across a wide range of industries to including aerospace and defense.


As a minority woman owned company, Fifth Gait cultivates a highly supportive atmosphere where team members work cross-functionally, learn from each other, and never back down from a challenge. We continuously look for hard working, easy going people full of bright ideas.