Product Development

In the world of product development, Fifth Gait stands out as your trusted partner for verification and validation. We pride ourselves on combining rigorous precision with a dash of innovation. Our in-house software solutions for modeling, simulation, and data acquisition, coupled with the development of specialized test equipment and top-quality harness assemblies, make us your go-to team for elevating your product’s journey to success.

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start your project with the fifth gait team

Our team is composed of renowned subject matter experts and the next generation of scientists, engineers, and analysts. We believe that our unicorns’ ‘fifth gait’ is the missing piece in your system’s survivability. We have three primary sites, several satellite locations, and a growing number of virtual offices.


Santa Barbara, CA
Corporate Headquarters
835 Puente Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Colorado Springs, CO
Goldflam Laboratory
5053 N 30th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Huntsville, AL
Rocket City Laboratory
6767 Old Madison Pike
Building 3, Suite 300
Huntsville AL 35806